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What Buffalos Can Say about Interest Rates

When I was 3 years old, my parents would take me to the American Museum of Natural History. We lived in New Jersey at the time, and our apartment was just on the other side of the George Washington bridge.If you had to guess what was my favorite part about the museum was (after the gift shop, of course), you’d think of the popular exhibits. The behemoth dinosaur skeletons in the Hall of Dinosaurs, the Hall of North American Mammals, the Easter Island head? They’re all good fun, but didn’t compare to the hall of dioramas. I was fascinated by the dioramas, and had my eye on one in particular.There is a large diorama that depicts a scene of a herd of buffalos jumping off cliffs. Upon first look, it appears to be utter chaos as the herd charges wildly in a confused mass, towards their impending doom. A second look shows that they are all heading in the same direction, and their trajectory is quite uniform. A third pans a fuller picture, and shows that there are small people waiting at the…

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